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Good dental care for children begins in the womb. The child’s teeth actually begin to develop five weeks after conception. To help a child form healthy teeth, a mother-to-be should eat a healthy balanced diet and take care of her own dental health. During pregnancy, a mother’s diet provides nourishment and sustenance for her child. A nutritional diet that is high in vitamins, calcium, and phosphorous will help a baby’s teeth develop. Tooth buds are present in a child’s gums early in pregnancy, and the crowns begin to form near the end of the first trimester. When a baby is born, 20 tiny teeth are hidden in the gums, waiting to poke through when teething begins. Unfortunately, as those tiny teeth are developing, an expecting mother often forgets to take proper care of her own teeth. In addition, pregnancy gingivitis, caused by a rush of hormones, can cause inflammation and bleeding gums. Pregnant women should be aware that their teeth require extra attention during pregnancy. Regular brushing and flossing, coupled with scheduled dental visits, are essential. If a woman is in need of dental work, it is recommended that the procedure takes place during the second trimester. The second trimester is ideal because of the typical feelings of nausea have passed, but the baby is not so large as to cause the mother to be uncomfortable in the dental chair. Give us a call at (949) 643-1111.


Most of us recognize erosion of a creek bank, but we may not know that a tooth’s enamel- the hard layer on the outer surface of a tooth- can erode, causing tooth sensitivity and leaving the tooth unprotected from bacteria. Enamel erosion is caused by an acidic environment inside the mouth. The body has a natural defense against this problem. It can use calcium found in saliva and fluoride found in toothpaste, water, or other sources to repair enamel and prevent erosion. Problems occur when the environment of the mouth is overwhelmed by acids from sources outside and inside the body. Outside sources include acidic foods and drinks, especially sports drinks, diet drinks, and carbonated drinks. Some medicines, and even excessive chlorine in water, can affect the teeth. Acid reflux, problems that cause excessive vomiting (such as eating disorders), and dry mouth are all causes of a high level of acid in the mouth. Affected teeth will exhibit signs of dental erosion. Among these are sensitivity and discoloration of the teeth. In other cases, the teeth will appear shorter, and the tips might exhibit a transparency. In more extreme cases, cracking, decay, and exposure of the inner tooth may occur. To help prevent enamel erosion, stick to drinking plain water as much as possible, and rinse with water after drinking acidic beverages. Do your best to avoid other issues that can lead to enamel erosion, and talk to us about your problems that can have a negative effect on your dental health. Give us a call at (949) 643-1111 to set up an appointment today! We can help you monitor and prevent dental erosion.


Finding the right dentist at any time is important, but when you need a reliable second opinion it is vital. Dr. Richard Wheatfill, located in Southern California in Orange County, Aliso Viejo has been giving second opinions that patients have relied on for years. It takes experience and personalized attention. If you are looking for a second opinion you can count on, and for free, this is the dentist in Aliso Viejo you are looking for. For all your dental care needs. Give Dr. Wheatfill and call today. Located in Aliso Viejo and serving all of Southern California.


Of all the Dentists in Hillcrest some of the top reviewed dentists are Dr. Reena Feider and Dr. Rod Strober. Both top cosmetic dentists who provide personalized and comprehensive dental care. As a favorite to patients Dr. Reena Feider is known as someone easy to talk to and dedicated to providing the very best in dental care for that beautiful smile you are looking for. Whether you live or work in Hillcrest or the surrounding area, finding a Hillcrest dentist has just been made a lot easier.


Fourth Avenue in Hillcrest is known as dentist row. It a mile stretch of 4th avenue between Washington and Laurel you will find some of the top dentists in the San Diego County. Hillcrest dentists are known for their dedication to the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry and complete dental care. Whether you are looking for a beautiful new smile and to keep your current smile beautiful, you will find the right dentist in that area of Hillcrest. Hillcrest dentists for everything from dental implants to veneers, from whitening to Invisalign, from crowns to dealing with sleep apnea or TMJ. These dentists in Hillcrest are a group that seems to go above and beyond for continuing education and taking advantage of the latest technique. Combine that with their personal touch and chairside manner and you have found a top group of dentists to take care of your entire family.


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Is Your Receptionist Helping Your Business?

Many doctors just don't understand how important the receptionist is to the success of a practice. It is the first impression the patient gets... and often the most important. They set the tone and often lay the ground work of what type of an experience the patient feels they will have. A happy, helpful receptionist can add a lot the doctor's bottom line. Here are two things every doctor should do. 1. Hire a person who has a very happy disposition (even in hectic situations) and someone who will go out of their way to help. 2. Get feedback from patients. Not just from the patients who are happy, but from patients who can be a little difficult. Most people are pretty nice in easy situations, but you want someone who handles the toughest situations with a smile and competent help.

3 Tips from Experts to Get More Cosmetic Patients

1. Creating the right type of environment helps people feel more comfortable that they are at the right place for cosmetic procedures. Create more of a Spa atmosphere. Compelling photos depicting cosmetic procedures. A cosmetic remodel for your lobby.

2. Brochures. Get patients connected about what you do and make sure they know you do those cosmetic procedures. Personalized brochures are always more impactful then generic ones.

3. VIDEOS You have a captured audience. Dealing with current patients is more cost effective than seeking new ones.

What do Most Women Look for When Choosing a Doctor?

Trust, confidence and connection. If they like the doctor and trust the doctor they have usually found their next doctor. The key to that is how do they get the trust and confidence and how do they know if they like the doctor before they meet them?

What do patients really want when there is a problem?

Is it to hurt the doctors practice or to find a resolution, to be heard... to make things better. Well here is what one doctor says.... Most legitimate problems are because patients don’t feel that they are heard or that they are not heard by the right person. People have a problem and they want to voice it loudly right away. If they took a little time and were able to find a resolution it would benefit the patient and the doctor. Solutions can usually be found.