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Are you dreading going to the Dentist? Are you experiencing a toothache but would rather take pain killers? Having dental problems may affect more than your dental health, it may have a big impact on your overall health. Sedation may alleviate a lot of the anxiety and stress about going to see the dentist. With all the options available in the hands of an experienced and talented dentist you just might find your visit more relaxing than you ever thought possible. Here are a few items to consider.
  1. Find a dentist experienced in Sedation Dentistry.
  2. Make sure the doctor communicates well and informs you about the different sedation options available.
  3. Make sure you feel comfortable not only with the doctor, but with the office and staff as well.
  4. Check the doctors reviews, especially those that apply to sedation dentistry.
  5. Make sure the doctor is clear with you about your options regarding sedation, and that he answers all your questions. If for any reason you don't feel comfortable with the doctor or with the information provided... look for another doctor.


Women are talking! They are looking for 3 main criteria... 1. A Doctor only review site. It is not as comfortable to count on doctor reviews that are next to finding the right Tire Shop or corner drug store. When it is doctors only you feel more connected and reviews that are more reliable. 2. No anonymous reviews. When anybody can write anything about anyone... beware. 3. Resolution period. When legitimate reviews are posted and the patient has a chance for a resolution it means more. Most patients understand Doctors, like everyone else are not perfect. So, it is not that patients expect perfection, it is just that they want to know if there is a legitimate problem, the doctor will find a fair resolution.


Hillcrest is know as Dentist row. La Jolla is known for upscale dentists. So which reviews make the largest impact on the Dentist you choose? Are you looking for a Sedation Dentist? A Cosmetic Dentist at its best with veneers, one-day crowns, implants, whitening? Does the location of the doctor matter more? The reviews? Location closes to you? The first step whether you are in the Hillcrest area or the La Jolla area is to find a doctor who has five star reviews that are legitimate... on a reliable review site. Find the right dentist in your area and look for 5 star reviews.


Shouldn't a doctor's work and results be enough? What is more important, how the procedure turns out or that a doctor was able to smile and tell a great story as well. Do you really care if your plumber isn't very personable or doesn't have great pipe side manners? Are we asking too much if our doctor or their staff doesn't pay great attention to putting a smile on our face. Is it worth hurting someone's practice or profession? What if someone did that to us about how we acted on our job. Maybe the first step would be to talk to the doctor, mention it to the staff... or just be happy they did a great job about how we look and how we feel.


Most patients realize that doctors and dentists who have busy offices will come across a problem with a patient at some time... no matter how great the doctor is. Most patients don't expect a doctor to never have a bad day. But, what most patients do want is to know that if a problem does occur that the doctor will take action and offer a reasonable solution. Even when adding a bad review, most people do it in the heat of anger. If they would have waited a day or two they may have never written the complaint. And, even if the do write a complaint, most would prefer that just the doctor reads it and now the whole world. They just don't usually have a choice. The key for most doctors is if they do have a problem, take action and solve it. Offer a solution. That may be the best investment in positive marketing you ever do.


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Is Your Receptionist Helping Your Business?

Many doctors just don't understand how important the receptionist is to the success of a practice. It is the first impression the patient gets... and often the most important. They set the tone and often lay the ground work of what type of an experience the patient feels they will have. A happy, helpful receptionist can add a lot the doctor's bottom line. Here are two things every doctor should do. 1. Hire a person who has a very happy disposition (even in hectic situations) and someone who will go out of their way to help. 2. Get feedback from patients. Not just from the patients who are happy, but from patients who can be a little difficult. Most people are pretty nice in easy situations, but you want someone who handles the toughest situations with a smile and competent help.

3 Tips from Experts to Get More Cosmetic Patients

1. Creating the right type of environment helps people feel more comfortable that they are at the right place for cosmetic procedures. Create more of a Spa atmosphere. Compelling photos depicting cosmetic procedures. A cosmetic remodel for your lobby.

2. Brochures. Get patients connected about what you do and make sure they know you do those cosmetic procedures. Personalized brochures are always more impactful then generic ones.

3. VIDEOS You have a captured audience. Dealing with current patients is more cost effective than seeking new ones.

What do Most Women Look for When Choosing a Doctor?

Trust, confidence and connection. If they like the doctor and trust the doctor they have usually found their next doctor. The key to that is how do they get the trust and confidence and how do they know if they like the doctor before they meet them?

What do patients really want when there is a problem?

Is it to hurt the doctors practice or to find a resolution, to be heard... to make things better. Well here is what one doctor says.... Most legitimate problems are because patients don’t feel that they are heard or that they are not heard by the right person. People have a problem and they want to voice it loudly right away. If they took a little time and were able to find a resolution it would benefit the patient and the doctor. Solutions can usually be found.