Resolution Services

submitting reliable reviews can help others... and the doctor

Patient Resolutions

The majority of patients know that no doctor (or patient) is perfect. What patients really want and should expect is that if a problem does occur, the doctor will listen and takes reasonable steps to correct legitimate problems.

If you have a legitimate problem you have the possibility of having it resolved. The process can happen without directly speaking to the doctor. Communication can be automatic via email. Any possible compensation is between the doctor and the patient.

With many member doctors, you can also place a review that will go directly to the doctor without having the review published publicly if you prefer. You may also have the option to place an AUDIO review.


Member Doctor Resolutions

We make every effort so reviews are not anonymous and are legitmate. Member Doctors will have a brief opportunity to address negative reviews before they are posted. If the dispute is resolved it is listed as a “Resolved Review.” This gives people a clearer picture of doctors who, when there is a problem, they take steps to resolve it with the patient. Keep in mind that doctors work under occumpational restrictions that limit what they can address publicly.